This Old Tree

This Old Tree



Your tender leaves rustling in the breeze

Have been there to shade me from the sun

Your solemn trunk has  been there to ease

All the pain that was never undone

LogoIn the fall the wind would blow

All your leaves to the ground

Many waited to see if I would  go

Leaves or none  I would stay around


Passing by many would say

Why are you holding that decrepit tree

Watching the breeze make you sway

They would tell me for god sakes to flee


As your springtime leafs began to bloom

Many would return to stare in awe

Basking in your flowering perfume

I would wonder what else they ever saw


Finally the last winter has come

Taking  its final toll on you

Watching you lying there with a lifeless sun

I try to believe none of this is true


Its not your leaves I shall miss  

Nor the shade they provided for me

Its not the time we would reminisce

Nor all the help that you gave for free


The thing that pains my heart most

Its not whether I agree

Its wondering here at our post

What might have come of the time we will never see

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