Two Moose

Two Moose

Alaska. Denali National Park and Preserve. Bull Moose (Alces alces) and cow in water, mating behavior.

Two brown Moose

Obviously identical in age

In the forest running Loose

LogoSmallBy the ice cold mountain creek

Splashing and jumping on bowed legs

I sat down to take a peek


In the soft yellow night of the alpine glow

Brothers doing what brothers do best

When mom is not around to yell no


One was bitten, the other kicked

Heads butted, fur mudded

Still no winner was picked


Water was thrown, the clouds disappeared  

Leaves rustled, the moose fell down

Rolling and kicking the end neared


One was pinned, defeat in sight

The other smiled a minute too soon

His brother rolled and restarted the fight


Into the river they splashed

Legs giving out, faces falling

Into the bed, they came out smashed


A moment later one brother looked at the other

They froze for an instant or two

They heard in the brush, the sound of mother


The wind blew my hair as she came into view

Two moose with all the evidence to prove

Their mischief was real and totally true


She looked me up and down

Turned to her sons

And away they ambled with a frown


I watched as long as I could

As they hopped down the trail

On legs made of balsa wood


I turned drinking my juice

Thinking of my new friends

Two brother moose

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