Winter in III Parts

Winter in III Parts


I: Beginning

By the towering sycamore on the six foot hill

In the eerie, empty, bitter cold air

Eagerly awaiting the years first chill

LogoUnder a vale of  pale moonlight

In a shroud of darkened shadows  

Shivering, watching everything in sight


High above the dark gnarled branches

In the distant frozen sky

The crystals form and begin their dances


The forest is made newly awake


The arrival of the years first snow flake

II: Snow

All around is the gently falling ice-cold snow

Dancing a mystical dance as the wind does blow

Giving the night a special icy glow

Who did bestow this unique gift of snow

There it soars to and fro

In a most wondrous show

If your lucky some will stop to say hello

Before it continues down below

All of lives secrets it must know

The white and fluffy ice-cold snow

I would love to stay forever, although

There is danger present yells the crow

When the wind begins to blow

And there is too much snow

I know

I know

It is time to go

III:  Melting

By the lifeless sycamore on the six foot hill

Dripping snow signals

The forest is about to lose its winter still


A single drop reveals a speck of green

and on and on

Soon the forest is once again a lively scene

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