First and foremost I am a moose, but what makes me the Ultimate Moose? For starters I am a biographer, a collector of sorts. Being a hyper-intelligent moose I have a certain proclivity for finding odd, strange, weird, obscure, different and freakish people in this or anytime.

So the old story goes that some years ago I invented a time travel device. Not a device that will allow me to travel through time, but a machine that will allow me to send and receive messages to anytime. Both past and future Also I tend to write about the odd beings I  currently know in the present.

Here I have gathered the most interesting tales of all the good, well, interesting and just plain unbelievable beings that I have encountered over the years.

If you want to know more about me, Grizzly Moose, in particular. You can read an interview I did for an alien publication conducted by my friend, The Lifeguard

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