Donald Trump Hates You

A  poem by:

Couch The Penguin

America could end homelessness for twenty billion dollars

That’s according to the smarter than I, scholars


The pentagon got seventy billion dollars they didn’t need

Jeff Sessions doesn’t want you to smoke legal weed


On average 115 people die every day from opioid overdose

Donald trump to all immigrants: adios


Taxes on rich people are going down

In debt the average American will drown


Trump likes to grab pussy without permission

He wanted to give Roy Moore a senate position


Pulling America out of the Paris accords

Was a step back not forwards


Trump says peaceful protesters are to blame for murder

He is not a fan of the press or any reporter


For some reason he doesn’t want transgender troops to serve

National treasures he refuses to preserve


Trump endangers you by tweeting about nukes

He doesn’t condemn violent alt right groups


Lying about Russia seems normal to him

Making the outlook for our democracy grim

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