The Prescience of Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia – An American Treasure

In 2014 General Erik Shinseki resigned as Secretary of Veterans Affairs after reports surfaced stating that records had been fudged and changed to hide the fact that there were long waits at many VA hospitals. However to the close observer this was already known  in 2006.

On June 29, 2006 an episode of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia titled “Charlie Gets Crippled” aired. In the episode Charlie Kelly is recovering from being run over by his friend Dennis’ land rover. While Charlie is the victim Dennis is merely the pawn in a plot perpetrated by Frank Reynolds the big fat cat money man or the government.

On ever street in every city in America this story exists. Where an expendable soldier(Dennis) is only following orders and his friend and fellow soldier (charlie) gets hurt because a decision made by moneyed interests(Frank). Now all that Charlie wants to to get taken care of and heal. In this episode the writers chose to use a metaphor. Wherein Charlies care comes in the form of strippers. At first the strippers are compassionate and have empathy for Charlie and his injuries.

However once the money (Frank) shows up the stripper (much needed care) go after Frank leaving Charlie(our wounded soldier) with nothing. Frank steals charlies much need VA benefits and even goes so far to lock Charlie out of his own apartment to be with the strippers. One can only cry for Charlie and every veteran left out to dry by the big monied interests of our government. Shame on you all the Frank Reynolds in America.

So you see Its Always Sunny New the Truth before the American public did. Thank you for your insight.

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